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Self Monitoring for Behaviour Success (26-01-2013 )
With students who are able, I have found self-monitoring to be successful with students with mild special needs (autism spectrum, learning and language...
Experiencing Time for High Sensory Needs (01-01-2013 )
Experiencing Time for High Sensory Needs.
Special Needs Sticker Chart (11-10-2012 )
I have created a sticker chart for the special needs child I assist. The child is in high school and he is still very overwhelmed by all the activity that
Favourite Topic (11-10-2012 )
Anyone assisting a child with autism. I chat to the child every day first thing about his favourite subject and this starts the day off to a good start.
Surprise Box (11-10-2012 )
To gain the attention of my group of children aged 4-5 years I turned a decorated box with a lid that is easily noticed (you could buy or make yourself
Assembly and the Autisic Child (11-10-2012 )
The child I work with hates going to assembly and will try every trick in the book to get out of it. He now goes with his form teacher and I meet him there.
Special School and Computers (11-10-2012 )
I have a special ed class with children on the Autism spectrum. In March the school bought a desktop touch screen computer into class for the students
Morning Circle (11-10-2012 )
My class are children who have complex needs, all are in wheelchairs and are non-verbal with no communication. I do all my teaching through a sensory...
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Vincent E. or Toni (11-04-2013)

PLEASE - stop saying the Special Needs or Autism Child.
Proper way - Child with...

Thank you for your time.
ParaEducator with Special Education in NH

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    Submitted by Roslyn

    I have discovered that Maths sleuths are really easy to create and my kids love them.

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  • Prep or Kindy Mathematics Thinkboard

    Submitted by Marina

    I use this thinkboard with my little ones.

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  • Computer Programming / Coding Question

    Submitted by Donna for Craig

    There seems to be lots of online programs to teach maths (Stepping Stones, Mathletics, Maths Plus, Go Maths, iMaths, Emms & Jemms, IXL etc), but does anyone know an accredited online platform that teaches computer programming/coding for K-12 kids?

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  • For handwriting resources suitable for 4 and 5 year olds look under the alphabet printable tab. There are heaps of wonderful resources here.

    By Tracey

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  • Wow, these resources are just amazing!! Thank you so much for all the time and effort you have put in creating such wonderful resources we can all share and enjoy. I just love the matching alphabet pictures, so bright and colourful. Can't wait to use them!

    By Kathy

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  • I have thoroughly enjoyed introducing the quotes to my class

    By Dixie

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