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Words Their Way Word Sorts

Submitted by Admin (09-11-2012)

I am a Teacher Aide working with lower primary students in the Queensland State School system and we are using Words Their Way.

I am having difficulties with some of the Words Their Way word sorts - I don't understand them.

Is their an easier way to explain some hard word sorts, any other ideas of what I can do with the word sorts, where can I borrow or purchase the books discount?

I need help!

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Sabine (04-01-2012)

Words Their Way resources and PD are available through Pearson http://www.pearson.com.au

Donna (31-10-2011)

Hi there - the following links may help....

Final consonant blends charts can be found here...

All types of word sorts ...

CVC words...

3 Letter word families...

Hope this helps in some way - thanks!

Anonymous (31-10-2011)

I found this site via a search for final consonants. I saw another comment to request the same. Where do I find word sorts or any type of activities for final consonants?

Anonymous (22-09-2011)

I have a spreadsheet and some code that does all the heavy lifting. All you have to do is add the students names to a spreadsheet, click on a file, and then add the child's spelling and it does the rest. If you want a copy email me through Donna with 'words their way' in subject.

Emily (16-08-2011)

I used this program in the United States for three years and would like to implement it in my school here in Adelaide. Is there anyone that offers professional development or information on the Words Their Way program in SA? Thanks!

Anonymous (24-04-2011)

Ask the teacher to step you through it or another teacher aide. Ask the principal if you could attend some PD. Often new strategies are introduced in schools and teacher aide training is overlooked. It is important that you understand what the kids need to do.

Lisa (18-02-2011)

I bought my copy of Words their way through the UK from the book depository, it's even cheaper than fishpond.com and has free shipping!

Leigh (13-10-2010)

The cheapest I have seen them is about $17 for the individual books and the main book is about $40. This is where I have bought them, the next cheapest I found was fishpond.com.au with them costing $25 & $50 respectively.

Jane (15-07-2010)

Our school has copies of the books for all teachers to use. WTW is in the Queensland curriculum.

Anonymous (07-07-2010)

Fishpond.com is where I bought my books from. They are a lot cheaper than others!!! They are a fantastic resource!

Anonymous (09-06-2010)

I think the most important thing to remember when using words their way is to use it how it suits your class best. These programs that claim to have all the answers in teaching children to read/spell etc will never work, because each class is different with different needs, interests, and cultural backgrounds. I personally find the cards a bit annoying, because some of the pictures to sort under letters, the children don't know what they are.

Use the sorts how you feel is going to work best in your class.

sally (08-06-2010)

I have read a lot about words their way from American sites but was not aware that this program is available in Australia. I am interested to find out how many other Aussie teachers are using this program. Maybe we in Tasmania are behind the eightball!

Kapo (08-06-2010)

I use the word sorts with pictures when teaching a particular sound. eg "ch" has 3 sounds. So I make up the 3 ch sounds cards as guide cards and then make up about 5 or 6 cards with both words and pictures of all three of the sounds eg (a chicken picture for the ch sound), school picture( for the 'k' sound and a chef picture (for the 'sh' sound).

The children are then to match the pictures and the words and place them under the correct guide card according to the 'ch' 'k' and 'sh' sounds that ch makes. This would be a 3 way sort.

I also do it with single alphabet sounds to more complicated sounds and words for older children.
The children (even the older ones) love working with them even when they have pictures with them. I find the pictures help those who are reluctant readers as it gives them a visual clue.

I time the kids which they love as they try to to beat the clock each day.
Once they are familiar with the words I also give them a blind sort where they work in pairs and one says the word while the other writes it and places it in the correct sorting column in their book.

They can correct it straight away and take turns.

Lou (07-06-2010)

This is an example of what I do with 1 type of word sort. I hope it helps.

Cut apart the words. Lay down one familiar word for each family as headers. Those might be sit, zip, and will. Pick up another word such as fit. Put it under sit and say ?Sit, fit.? Repeat this with several more words in different categories, each time reading down from the first word before reading the new word.

Then invite the children to sort a word. Before reading the new word, they sort it and read the other words in the column(example: ?sit, fit, hit?). When all the words have been sorted, lead the group in reading each column. Then ask the students how the words in each column are alike (they rhyme, they have the same last letter, they have the same vowel and last letter). The final sort will look something like this:

sit zip will
fit lip pill
hit rip fill
kit tip bill
pit chip mill
bit dip

After doing this sort in a group, give each child a word sheet to cut apart and sort. Follow
this up by having children work with a partner. The children put down a header for each

One partner reads the word aloud but does not show it to the other partner. The
other partner indicates the category by pointing or naming the header word.

The word is then laid down and checked. If it is in the wrong category, it is put back in the reader?s pile to call again later. After all the words have been sorted, the partners change roles.

Lou (07-06-2010)

Hi! I have used Words Their Way for word sorts. What sort of difficulties are you having? The word sorts are different depending on the stage the speller is at.

Have you watched the dvd that goes with the First book? I am happy to help if you can give me an example of what you mean.

Anonymous (29-09-2009)

Where are the final consonant word sorts in Words Their Way!???
Can't find them!


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