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Celebrations around the World (22-03-2013 )
I have a year 2 class and we do celebrations around the world. We set up an aeroplane and pretend to fly to different countries.
Ideas for using our Thematic Unit Word Cards (06-12-2012 )
There are loads of different ways of storing and using our word cards.
Jack den Boer
Olympic Games (08-11-2012 )
I'm using the R.I.C. Publications Beijing 2008 - Pursuing excellence (5-7) for my Year 1 class at my Primary School as the basics for the lesson plans
Colour Activities for Child Care (08-11-2012 )
Each week we introduce a colour and we do lots of activities with that colour - make play dough, paint, collage, mix water and so forth.
Weather Lesson Plan - Weather Reporter (08-11-2012 )
Have one or two children be the 'Weather Reporters' for the day. This could involve reporting certain weather conditions to the class each morning, such
Nutrition - Healthy Food Display (08-11-2012 )
Make up a Wall Display about Healthy Eating. Make up the labels - 'Sometimes Food' and 'Everyday Food'. Children draw and cut out foods which belong
Gardening and the Solar System (08-11-2012 )
Hello I am a keen gardener. So I do a unit on gardening every year. This year I am combining an introductory to gardening but combining it with a unit
Diana Hancock
Olympic Games Theme Activities (08-11-2012 )
Tie in Olympics with HSIE Unit Celebrations using China as the focus and look at how they in particular celebrate such things as New Year, Birthdays etc
Olympics (08-11-2012 )
To display the Olympic rings in my classroom, I bought 5 hoops from a cheap shop, I covered them with electric tape in the ring colours and hung up the
More Olympics Theme Ideas (08-11-2012 )
Add some Chinese cultural influence to your Olympics lessons... Learn the stance for Kung Fu - horse, tiger claw, snake, crane, mantis. Learn some origami.
Patricia White
Summer Olympics Lesson Plan Ideas (08-11-2012 )
I'm not sure if I will be doing anything on the Olympics, but if I were, I would use the Magic Tree House book, Hour of the Olympics. Also,
Thanksgiving (USA) free web site (08-11-2012 )
I found the First Thanksgiving unit on to be full of info and a place my students enjoyed visiting several times. Not only is it full of
Using theme words for writing (08-11-2012 )
After exposing students to any theme words you have brainstormed together, print out a list of the words. Add a velcro dot to the back of each and then
Susan Fowler
ABC Order with Word Wall, Theme Word Cards (08-11-2012 )
I love the word wall / theme word cards with pictures and words. I accidentally discovered a new use last fall. I passed out 3 or 4 cards per student.
Kelly Schorage
ASPCA Day and Earth Day (08-11-2012 )
On April 7, the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) will kick off The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month. In support
healthy food and nutrition (08-11-2012 )
Grab a menu from a local cafe. As a class or in groups, develop an alternative menu replacing the foods with healthier options.
Anzac Day Teaching Resources (08-11-2012 )
Just put together some links for Anzac Day. There are some great pictures, and ideas out there and I have tried to locate as many as I could. My ABSOLUTE
Mothers Day Ideas (08-11-2012 )
One of my favourite teaching blogs is Mrs Smoke's - 'Making Teachers Nerdy'.. Mrs Smoke has added some fabulous and different gift projects for Mothers
Jasmine Hoansen
Is Science the key to literacy and Numeracy? (07-11-2012 )
Is Science the key to Literacy and Numeracy in ECE? I think it is. Ok, there are a few ideas out there but are they interesting enough to hold a class
Toys Unit - Ideas Please (07-11-2012 )
I have a grade 1 class and this term we are looking at toys. This is a new unit for me and I'm having trouble coming up with many fun ideas. I found
Democracy (07-11-2012 )
I am seeking any ideas/ tips about teaching the topic of democracy. I have a year 2/3 class. Thanks in advance
Space Theme (07-11-2012 )
IDENTIFYING US– A Space Theme... What do we know about Space? Brainstorm ideas into categories. What do we need to find out? Outline plan of unit. Name
Kerrie Mead
Australian animals (07-11-2012 )
There are wonderful collections of toy Australian animals readily available. *A great way to teach the names of the animals is to play the old favourite,
Royal Show in the Classroom (07-11-2012 )
Yes, I know I've left my preparation time a bit late - but I'm finally feeling brave enough...... I have a Reception class and would like to do The Royal
Looking for ideas for a Celebrations Unit (07-11-2012 )
I currently have a Grade 1 class and next term we are doing a unit of work on celebrations. I have sent home a survey asking what celebrations are important
Fun Facts about the Sun (07-11-2012 )
Great resources. I was in the process of writing lesson plans about the solar system for my class this week and came across your site which was very helpful.
Nicole Preston
Weather Reporter Pictures Please (07-11-2012 )
Large pics of weather report symbols to role play being a weather man/woman. (sun/cloud/rain/storm etc) Large map of Australia (split into 4 A3 pieces)
Elaine Le Sueur
What's the difference ? (07-11-2012 )
Using a picture that fits the theme that is being used, photocopy it twice. One picture stays unaltered. On the second picture, use white out or twink
Celebrations (07-11-2012 )
This is a Stage 1 HSIE topic in NSW and it can cover a wide range of multi cultural celebrations as wel
Housing (07-11-2012 )
During a unit on needs and focusing on shelter, the children designed and built brightly painted houses using cardboard boxes. When all were finished we
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Adedapo (01-07-2014)

Africa unit why not the names of some country in Africa, food, mode of dressing, some of their languages etc

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  • Thanks for this game im presently researching the web for lots of ideas for next term as we are doing under the sea, and lighthouses. My husband is a light house keeper/guide at the tallest lighthouse in Australia (Leeuwin Lighthouse in Augusta SW WA) and ive been dying to do this theme in Preprimary for 2 years now so come on the littlest Lighthouse keeper series its going to be so much fun!!

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