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Group Daily Rotation Activities (10-10-2013 )
I'm a year 1 teacher and would like some fresh ideas for reading group daily rotation activities.
Special Education Integrated Units Question (10-10-2013 )
I have just started on a primary school special ed class and was wondering if anyone had some good integrated units they were willing to share or good websites...
Daily 5 Question (10-10-2013 )
I'm just starting to familiarise myself with 'The Daily 5'. What books or resources have others used to educate themselves about implementation of the...
Phonemic Awareness (06-12-2012 )
The progression of phonological awareness.
Ideas for Teaching Nursery Rhymes (06-12-2012 )
Teaching Ideas for using Nursery Rhymes, Poems and Songs in Early Childhood Education.
Why Teach Nursery Rhymes (06-12-2012 )
Dotted NSW foundation font (08-11-2012 )
Hi everyone, I am preparing our 2011 Kindergarten Orientation booklets and I am trying to find the dotted NSW foundation font that Early Stage one students.
Susan M.
Olympic syllables (07-11-2012 )
I am a 5th grade teacher but this idea can work very nicely with younger students. For a word study center focusing on syllables, I have my students
Alphabet/Word plates (11-10-2012 )
I write the alphabet and rhymes on cheap paper plates. One letter or rhyme to each plate and hot glue a fridge magnet onto the back. I save the magnets
Head, Body and Tail Alphabet (11-10-2012 )
To assist in the revision of knowing letters, sight words and handwriting skills: After first modeling this to the children, I ask them to draw a small
THRASS Phonemic Awareness Method (11-10-2012 )
Hi Everyone, I am interested in receiving some feedback on the THRASS / phonemic awareness method of teaching phonics and reading. Do you use this method
Alphabet Song (11-10-2012 )
Make up theme alphabet songs using the original alphabet song tune. Instead of singing a b c d e f g etc, replace the letters with theme words beginning
Ann Foster
Phonics (11-10-2012 )
Hi All, Phonics is a huge field. I have a lot of ideas for this area but feel that the first emphasis needs to be on Phonological Awareness. This area
Judy Ramirez
Phonemes First, then Sound-Spellings (11-10-2012 )
Hello, Australia! I agree that phonemic awareness is what each young learner needs. Even a 3-year-old can 'get it' -- watch my little video on YouTube;
Another variation to the ABC song (11-10-2012 )
I use the ABC song with three words that start with each letter ending each song with the sound of the letter in turn. So, for example, with b it is something
ann Foster
Phonics (11-10-2012 )
Hi All, Letter Box has developed a Phonic and Comprehension slide show that is available on: This slide show is useful
Reception Teacher - Alphabet Games and Activities (10-10-2012 )
I have set up alphabet boxes. I went to my Local Florist and bought the boxes they put flower arrangements in. Each letter has a box and in it goes anything
Jennifer W
Class Books to learn Letter Sounds (10-10-2012 )
(I teach kindergarten.) Every time we learn a new letter sound in reading, we make a class book. First, I write the same sentence 22 times on my large
Donna from K-3 Teacher Resources
Word Stickers (10-10-2012 )
Word Stickers If a child is having trouble continuously with a particular word, for example, was / saw. Make up a little sticker with that word on it
Donna from K-3 Teacher Resources
Playing with Letters and Sounds in Words (10-10-2012 )
Word Play... As a Year 1 Teacher, I would always be looking for opportunities to 'play with words'. Colouring in phonic blends, counting how many words
Letter play activities for literacy centers (10-10-2012 )
In my classroom I team teach with another year 1 teacher two mornings a week for a 2 hour literacy block. In this time we run literacy center activities
SPLAT - Sight Word Game (10-10-2012 )
This has been a fun way to drill and practice sight word recognition. I have created sight word cards. I placed 'hook only' velcro on the back and attached
Larissa Sparks
Phonics cards as part of Have a go pad (10-10-2012 )
Hi, I loved your ready to use phonics cards & printed them as small as i could to use for inside covers (along with a list of hundred most used words)
Sounds of the Alphabet (10-10-2012 )
1. Children love fun and excitement in their class. One way to break the ice with very shy, quiet new students is to ensure you let them be involved in
Alphabet letter formation collage (10-10-2012 )
Although it is important to follow consistent letter formation in the early years, it is also good for children to be exposed to other letter formations
Phonics Collage (10-10-2012 )
Make up a phonics collage by popping the blend, digraph - on a chart. Children then cut and paste words with those blends from magazines, newspapers etc.
Alphabet Cards (10-10-2012 )
I am a final year student teacher in a prep class. I decided to print up 4 x A4 alphabet charts and laminate them, the class would then have to find the
Make Up Initial Sounds Poems (10-10-2012 )
Use this poem as a base for making up 'initial sound poems'.... Monkey Monkey Moo Shall we buy a few Yellow monkeys, purple monkeys Monkeys red and blue.
Each week I teach a single sound to my class of PrePrimaries and Year Ones. However, I found that even though they could match the sounds to the pictures,
Jeopardy Phonics Game (10-10-2012 )
Hi, a teacher friend of mine has found this wonderful game that our grade 3 children love. It's based on the jeopardy game. We have each question based
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  • For handwriting resources suitable for 4 and 5 year olds look under the alphabet printable tab. There are heaps of wonderful resources here.

    By Tracey

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  • Wow, these resources are just amazing!! Thank you so much for all the time and effort you have put in creating such wonderful resources we can all share and enjoy. I just love the matching alphabet pictures, so bright and colourful. Can't wait to use them!

    By Kathy

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  • I have thoroughly enjoyed introducing the quotes to my class

    By Dixie

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