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45 Olympic Games Word Cards

Classroom Themes -  45 Summer Olympic Games Words

  • Ideal for literacy reference and activities, as well as Olympic Games bulletin boards and display.....


Theme Words

Summer Olympic Games Theme Words List

athletes bronze closing ceremony events flag
flame gold London medals opening ceremony
silver stadium torch relay archery athletics
badminton basketball beach volleyball boxing canoeing
cycling diving equestrian fencing football
gymnastics handball hockey judo pentathlon
pole vault rowing sailing shooting swimming
synchronised swimming table tennis taekwondo tennis triathlon
volleyball water polo weightlifting wrestling paralympics
Ideas for Use

Summer Olympic Games Words - Suggestions for Use


  • Works in conjunction with Olympic Games Concept Book.

  • Use the words to match similar endings

    'ing' and 'ball' endings

    Make second copies of the words ending in 'ing' and 'ball'.   Laminate.  Cut off the 'ing' and 'ball' ending using a zigzag or curved cut.  Children then find the matching pieces to make up the words.

  • Brainstorm other words with these endings as a class.

  • Classify these sports / olympics theme words into ball sports, team sports, individual sports, water sports, etc.

  • There are many more other sports that we can play -  brainstorm more as a class or in groups.   Extra blank cards are available with the above download.  They can be printed out and extra words can be written on to add to this theme group.

  • There are heaps of phonics opportunities with these sports / olympic theme around with them - what patterns can the children find, circle the patterns, colour them in - make it fun.  Print off small size black and white copies to do this - see below.

  • You can make these words smaller size by using the reduction settings on your printer and just printing off black and white copies, these smaller sizes are great for cut and paste activities such as cutting out the words and pasting them in alphabetical order, or into the sporting categories as mentioned above.

  • Each child completes a page with the sentence frame 'I like watching ________________ because........' or 'I would like to play ________________ because.....'

  • Print out the bright full copies, glue them onto colourful backing card - laminate and make an Olympic Sports Wall Display.  These are then ready for children to refer to during writing sessions.

  • When not being used on a wall display,  place them in labelled boxes, or hanging pockets for continued use and reference.

  • Make a Sports or Olympic Games Alphabet Book children place a sport / olympic games word on each alphabet page.  (Don't forget to do a large A3 size whole class one and pop it in the class library also)

  • All the activities from '101 Ways to Use Word Cards' are fantastic with these olympic theme words..

  • Make a jigsaw puzzle.  Make up a second set of cards, cut the picture section off using a zigzag or curve cut like a jigsaw (you can even cut through the word to make it more of a challenge)  Children then match the 2 or more pieces.   Also great for breaking up syllables or blends within words.

  • Ask children to demonstrate their sporting skills, or bring in photos of themselves playing sport.

  • Discuss how athletes in the Olympics have had to work to get there, eg. lots of practice and dedication.  Relate to 'healthy food' concept and words and how sport / exercise, sleep and healthy food equals a healthy body and healthy mind.

  • In groups, children make up their own 'sport'.  Set parameters according to the ages of the children, such as each sport must have a 'name', '5 rules', 'equipment list', 'aim of the sport'.

  • Children could choose a sport each and research and write 3 interesting facts about it - use our 'Interesting Facts about......' concept book to help this along.  This is a great activity for children to do with their parents for homework and then share their books with the rest of the class.  A class big version could then be made up with a page of 3 interesting facts for each sport.

  • Make up acrostic poems for each sport / olympic theme word.

  • Hold a mini-olympics - children make up signs for each sport. 

    • Please share your Summer Olympic Games ideas with other teachers and parents in COMMENTS - below..





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