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Spaceman for Spaces between words

Submitted by Val (10-10-2012)

At the beginning of each year I had a great deal of trouble getting my Kinders to leave spaces between words. So we invented a "spaceman".

He was a little astronaut I downloaded from Microsoft Clipart and I made him the width of two fingers (on a child)and about 4cms tall.

That made him large enough for little hands to manage. I laminated each spaceman and each student used theirs during Writing sessions for their first 3 or 4 months of Kindergarten.

We kept the spacemen in a rocketship container and a helper was selected to hand them around each day.


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Anonymous (10-10-2012)

Can't wait to use this idea with my kindys, thanks for sharing!

Tania (10-10-2012)

Wonderful! Thankyou!! I've just made my own set of space men.

Liz (10-10-2012)

thank you for sharing this fantastic idea. I can't wait to make a set for my class.

Kellgirl (10-10-2012)

What a great idea. I have always used a "cut out finger" - that is a finger traced around and then copied onto coloured card and laminated - but I like the "cute spacemen" and will replace my fingers

Kathryn (10-10-2012)

Great idea! I am always reminding students to leave a space between words. This is a fun way to remind them!

Donna (10-10-2012)

Hi Val

Fantastic idea - You have been chosen as this month's free Membership winner.

Could you please send us an email as you forgot to leave your email address when lodging this great suggestion.

Cheers Val

Anonymous (10-10-2012)

You can also buy these at most teacher stores.They are generally made out of wood and are similar to a clothespin. They are also very reasonable

Niki Swagerty (10-10-2012)

Great idea! We always use a popsicle stick decorated with stars and gray tape (any way you want to decorate it is fine) and the width of the stick is perfect for spacing between words. We have a song to go with it...sung to the tune of Mr. Sandman....

Mr. Spaceman
Leave me a space....
Make all my words go in the right place.

The kids sing the tune when they are writing to help them remember to leave a space between their words!

Bev Kendall (10-10-2012)

What a great idea, I teach a special needs class in England and finding innovative ways to help them remember all sorts of conventions is always difficult. I think this one will work.

Bec M (10-10-2012)

Hey great idea!!!!
With my Year 1's I always get them to leave two finger spaces (there hands are small) directly next to each word. I called them bunny ears so every time we write they have to remember Mr Bunny who hops along the page with them!!! They think it is very funny, but they remember it:)

Anonymous (10-10-2012)

This is a good idea and i cannot wait to join this.

EmMa!!!! (10-10-2012)

This website is great I hope everyone else thinks so.
good luck

Carina (10-10-2012)

As a mature-aged pre-service teacher I am finding this site so very valuable in helping me with my planning and associated activities....I am so grateful to the developer of this site and allowing us all to have access to it...Great Job!!

Tania S. (10-10-2012)

I use a similar system with my year 1s. I ask them to draw something that reminds them of space eg: moon, stars, rocket ship on the ends of a paddle pop stick. They keep this on their desks during journal/handwriting and place the paddle pop stick between words. It is working and the kids only need this prompt for a couple of weeks.

Kim (10-10-2012)

I do this too! But we also have Captain Capital, who reminds us to use capital letters at the beginning, and Freddy Full-Stop, who reminds us to leave a full stop at the end.


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