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Primary School Maths - Printable Ordinal Numbers

Primary School Maths - Printable Ordinal Numbers Charts

  • Ideal for classroom display and reference, or make smaller copies and use as a printable maths ordering game...
Ideas for Use

Printable Ordinal Numbers - Suggestions for Use

  • We do try to keep the ink useage down for you as we know it can get very expensive before you know it. We have kept some of our resources black and white with the intention of copying onto coloured card to brighten them up (and save on ink). This is one of those - print onto coloured card or paper then laminate and cut.

  • Again, use your printer settings to reduce the size of this resource. Ideal to print as '16 in 1' (16 pages on 1 sheet)and children cut out and glue back together in order.

  • Use the 4in1 printer settings to make up a set of laminated cards for playing an ordering maths game.

  • Hand one card to each child - children then have to line up in order (great way to line up to go to recess etc)

  • Make an extra set of cards, cut off the words on the bottom using a zigzag or curved puzzle cut. Make into a matching numerals and words puzzle.

  • Refer to these cards when discussing calendar maths - what day of the month is it?

See these in action

See these in action

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