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free printable chore chart

Printable Chore Chart

Free Printable Chore Charts - A4 and A3 sizes...


  • 'From the Heart Chore Chart'
  • I made this chart up for my 7 year old boy for home chores and thought it could also work well in the classroom or homeschool situation so here it is to share for FREE - enjoy !
  • Ideal for use AT HOME or AT SCHOOL


Printable Chore Charts

Printable Chore Charts

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Ideas for Use

Free Printable Chore Chart - Suggestions for Use

Always use specific 'chores' rather than general particularly with younger children, so they know exactly what is expected of them.

Also - not too many chores per week - try to keep it simple to start with.



Copy the size you would like to use - laminate and use a whiteboard marker to write in your weekly 'chores'.  I use the A3 size as it stands out a bit more.  You could also place a copy into a plastic cover and write on that.

Write your child's name on the line at the top.

We are about to start this with our 7 year old.  We hope to have a little family meeting and discuss what chores would be appropriate for his age (see below for ideas).

As each Heart Chore is completed it is the child's responsibility to tick that day.

At the end of the week we have decided to give pocket money of $1 for each year of age (thanks to Karyn for this tip!), so our son will receive $7 if all 'chores' are completed.  50c deductions will occur for infringements !!!!

Also 30% of the pocket money will go into their bank savings account just to try and encourage the saving habit.



Similar to above

WHOLE CLASS - Enlarge the A4 chart to poster size by using the enlarge setting on your printer.  Laminate for long term use.  Use this size for a whole class 'From the Heart Chore Chart'.

Decide on weekly 'chores' as a class.   Different students could be assigned responsibility for different 'chores'.

INDIVIDUAL STUDENTS - Use the A4 size or even smaller to make up individual chore charts.

Decide on the 'chores' for that week and write them on the chart - copy a chart for each child and have them glue them into their special 'From the Heart Chore Chart' scrapbook.

You could even include chores to be done at home as part of homework for example - play a game outside everyday this week.

It is up to each child to tick their charts each day.

At the end of the week share the whole class chart or individual charts in a sharing circle.  Discuss what needs to be improved and praise where appropriate.  You could even have a reward system if appropriate where a certain amount of ticks on the chart means free time, 5 minutes early to lunch, or a sticker etc (without focussing on the rewards too much - more the great feeling your heart has by completing your chores).


Here are some Chores ideas we brainstormed to use on your printable chore charts..... please email us with more....

Put cutlery away
Set the table
Do the dishes once a week
Put lunchbox on sink after school
Change into play clothes after school
Eat 2 pieces of fruit each day
Bring home a school reader each school night
Bring your belongings in from the car
Sweep the kitchen floor
Wipe the bench tops in your room
Make your bed each morning
Encourage your brother with kind words
Read a book each day
Write a sentence each day
Look in the mirror and say I Love You
Encourage a friend with kind words
Clear the table of dishes and placemats after dinner
Cook a meal once per week (with help)
Take lunch orders to tuckshop
Tidy classroom / area at the end of each day


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