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Play Dough Recipe - This is the Best Ever Play Dough Recipe

Submitted by Donna (05-11-2012)

Best Ever Play Dough Recipe....


Want to know how to make play dough? Well,  I think I am the play dough Queen. It feels like I have tried 'millions' of play dough recipes over the years.


This Recipe is THE best Play Dough Recipe ever - truly...

It is basically the normal recipe that is plastered all over the 'Cream of Tartar' tin, BUT , with one small change.

Instead of using cold water and boiling the mixturereplace the cold water with boiling water and stir the mixture - no cooking! yeh!

It really does work and is so simple, wonderful texture, and lasts.  I just pop it into zip lock bags.

Ok here it is.....


Uncooked Play Dough

2 cups of plain flour
4 tablespoons of 'cream of tartar'
2 tablespoons of cooking oil
1 cup of salt
2 cups of boiling water
food colouring

*Just pop it all in a mixing bowl and mix!

*It looks as though it is not going to mix well at first but hang in there and throw it onto the bench to knead, and it will come together really nicely.

*We put different things in ours also such as glitter and sand.  Just be careful you don't put things in like rice as they tend to go mouldy - we find glitter is really good.

*Add peppermint oil for a great smell and even longer lasting playdough...

*Hope this helps everyone.

*Cheers and Happy Play Doughing! (get into it, it is really relaxing to knead)

Best Play Dough Activities....

  • Make playdough alphabet letters or numbers - children fill the alphabet stencils / number stencils with playdough...

  • Use the playdough to make 2d and 3d shapes...

  • Make up lots of small playdough balls - how many playdough balls fill up different small containers...(eg..cups, bowls etc)

  • Make lots of playdough sausages - braid 2 or 3 sausages together.

  • Provide lots of different textured materials for children to press into the playdough and uncover the patterns (eg. sandpaper, corderouy, rope, lace,

  • Find different shaped lids and 'around the house' objects for children to press into the playdough and uncover different shapes..

  • Make faces from playdough and make them express different feelings..

  • Different playdough colour each week - gather playdough utensils in that colour also.

  • Children stand coloured popsticks into the playdough to form patterning by colour - also great for early addition games and activities - stand 5 red popsticks together - stand 3 yellow popsticks together - how many altogether...

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Cara (11-04-2013)

I add cinnamon to mine - smells delicious. It also teaches children that not everything that smells yummy is edible.


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