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Free Pencil Hold / Grip Rhyme Poster

  • FREE Pencil Hold Rhyme Posters - A little rhyme / rap for holding your pencil correctly...

  • FREE Pencil Hold Multi-image Pages - Correct pencil hold images to cut out and pop onto children's desks / work areas....


  • Left handed

  • Right handed



Pencil Hold Poster / Includes Left and Right Pages Pencil Hold Poster / Includes Left and Right Pages

Pencil Hold Poster / Includes Left and Right Pages

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Pencil Hold Multi Images / Includes Left and Right Pages

Pencil Hold Multi Images / Includes Left and Right Pages

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Donna (22-07-2013)

Thank you Pamela - can't believe I didn't pick that up - I am human !!! Usually I am so pedantic about that sort of thing - ALL FIXED !

Pamela (21-07-2013)

Just alerting you to the erroneous apostrophe for its.

Joanne (19-04-2013)

Great idea - I am making a copy for each child, laminating it and sticking it on their desk so they can refer to it each time they pick up their pencil, pen etc!!!


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    I decorate the cover of an unused scrapbook with "Star of the Day" written on the front with some colourful pictures/stars etc.

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New Comments

  • I extend the YES/ NO game by printing the DOLCH words (small print) ,cutting up the lists and laminating them & including them in the YES /NO packet. Use a blank card to put ?'s about these words e.g. how many times can you find these words in Chapter 2? Chn. list the results on a whiteboard.


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  • The Sea words are great to add to the Lighthouse series books when you are doing these books with the children. you could extend the theme to the sea and then to pirates and far away lands and maybe even first contact explorers of Australia.

    By Amanda

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  • Dear Donna, thanks so much for doing these, i remember when i asked for these last year when i was teaching my special ed kids, im now at another school in NW WA and they will be just as useful in the two classes im now teaching, (Year 3 and Year 4), as the kids here arent necessarily up to the rest of the ozzie kids out there.

    By Amanda

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