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Oxford Sight Words Australia

Submitted by Jo JP teacher (09-11-2012)

Oxford Sight Words Australia

by Jo JP teacher
(Rural SA)

Hi Donna and co,
I loooooooove your site and make good use of a lot of the marvellous resources. Thank you so much.

I'm just wondering how many schools/teachers are now using the Oxford sight word list?

We had a thorough literacy review at our school over the last 2 years and made the decision to now go with the Oxford sight words given that they are Australian and recently compiled from the writing of thousands of Australian children.

Maybe you would consider making some of your resources available with these words? (the lists are freely available on the net).

I'm interested to see what others think of the lists.

We have had good success with them for sight word recognition and spelling,

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Vivian (22-02-2011)

Hi Donna
OUr school is also using OXford words. Last year I printed too many of your Dolch bingo sheets (by mistake) and got the kids to write the word after I called it. It seemed to work well and I would love to do this with the Oxford list.

Anonymous (19-02-2011)

Our School in Perth is also starting to use them.

Anonymous (10-02-2011)

There are a whole lot of resources on the Oxford website. Not as colourful as Donna's, but still very useful.

Bec (09-02-2011)

Some Oxford resources would be fabulous. My school is using them this year too!!!

Donna (02-02-2011)

Thanks Everyone

Just waiting on response back from Oxford Press regarding use of copyright? Have to just wait and see if we can use them here - fingers crossed !

Alison (02-02-2011)

I am another who is using this list at school, and would love some resources.

Anonymous (31-01-2011)

I used the Oxford word lists for my receptions and some year 1s who needed them, a great list to start with. I then moved onto the Bedrock words.

Roxanne (30-01-2011)

We have introduced them into our school. We are in the process of converting all our old year 2 lists over to Oxford. Our year 1's and preps use the THRASS list as it fits in with their programs.

Angie (30-01-2011)

It would be great if you could make some resources using the oxford list. Our Principal encouraged us to use it last year as it is apparently the most up to date list and includes words that Australian children use most commonly in their writing. I'm switching to it this year.

Beth (30-01-2011)

Yes please.... My school has been using these words to great success for a couple of years now. Some resources would be great...

Anonymous (30-01-2011)

We use the Oxford word list at our school too. WOuld love some Oxford sight word specific resources as well. For the other 2 people to comment you can get a few Oxford sight word resources from the Oxford website.

Shelley (30-01-2011)

Yes, we are using them at our school to as the main sight list across the school, resources would definitely be a great boon to my classroom.

Karen (30-01-2011)

Yes I would also love some resources using the Oxford words, more and more teachers are now using them as they are the most relevant for Aussie kids!!!!

Bern (29-01-2011)

We have used a variety of sight words over the years but last year after our school review decided to use Oxford Sight Words throughout the school.

helterskeltersoul (29-01-2011)

Yes would definitely find this very useful! Our school has switched to that list too.

Jaycee (29-01-2011)

Pheew, I was beginning to think we were the only school using the Oxford Sight Words! We moved to the Oxford List a couple of years ago for much the same reason and have had good success also. Some resources would be great.

jaki (29-01-2011)

Do you have sight word games based on the magic 200 words.

Jo (29-01-2011)

I have a year 1 class (SA) and we are going to use them this year too - seems the most current and relevant list. Haven't planned on using any other resources with them - just the lists from their website to use as part of a home reading program. Would be interested to hear what others are doing and whether there are more resources. Thanks.

Louise (29-01-2011)

We've been looking at the Oxford word list as well and are planning on linking them with our spelling. The difference between Oxford words and other sight word lists is that Oxford are based on the most common words children use when writing, which is not necessarily the same as the essential sight words they need for reading.

So, if you do create some resources for them, we'd love it if they were linked to writing and spelling skills.

Laura (29-01-2011)

I used this resource for 4 years in early childhood, it might be of some use, and might be adaptable to the Oxford List, although some, if not all of the resources are in Adobe format, it still might be possible to change the words, etc.

Dolch Kit: http://www.theschoolbell.com/Links/Dolch/Contents.html

Donna (29-01-2011)

This is interesting - will look into how wide spread this is being used and will definitely consider adding them - thanks, .....

mags (29-01-2011)

We are just beginning to use them this year. Resources would be great

Amy (28-01-2011)

I would love it if there were resources using the Oxford word list too!! I find I don't use some of the literacy resources on the webstite as they don't have the sight words I am focusing on.
Great idea!

Di (06-02-2010)

In my school in Victoria it is part of our assessment schedule to assess our grade 1's to the oxford 100 most common words. I am not 100% sure if this is a department or possibly just our region or our schools initiative?


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