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Submitted by Cassie (05-11-2012)

I am a new teacher and just wanted to know how others organise their start of the day?
In this time children unpack equipment give money/notes and I need to mark the roll.
Would love to hear everyone's routine!

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Jayne (19-07-2012)

Can you suggest a Interactive white board site that the children can use to show their attendance at school? I like the idea of popping a balloon. How do I go about setting this up for my class?

Peta (15-06-2012)

I have a notes box at the door. The children place them in and don't hand them to me - then I can empty the box when I'm ready. We have no talking but reading time on arrival. They walk in and sit on the mat and quietly read their home reader again.

I have the roll up in balloon format on the smart board. Myself and any parent helpers hear children read individually just a few pages and as they have read they pop their own balloon.

This is great as the roll is being marked, and it is also keeping track of who has and hasn't read to an adult. It also covers familiar reading which I need to do each day and have trouble fitting in.

This goes on for 10-15 mins then when all balloons are popped the children pack away books, I submit roll then we start day and say good morning. Then if anyone has something to say that's their chance before reading groups start.

By this stage they have forgotten what they needed to say that was so important at the door and it cuts down on the bombardment at the door. Once the children go to table activities I quickly check the notes box and send stuff to the office with messengers before I start my guided reading group. This is a Kinder class and I love my new routine it works really well.

Turtle Chick (19-01-2012)

Year 1 morning routine
by: Turtle Chick

Hi, I'm a new teacher this term and have taken over a year 1 class.

Our morning routine is still evolving, but so far I have the children come in and change their reading books first, then they get their chair and desk ready, and sit down to a page of handwriting practise before they can choose some free play 'til we start mat time.

I always have the IWB ready with either a maths or phonics activity for those who love to play with technology instead of the blocks or books.

At start time the children sit on the mat and we do the morning welcome, the roll, and our daily calendar (which I downloaded from here), we are focusing on days and dates (ordinal numbers) at the moment.

We have a student of the day who then does their news, followed by a nice jazzy music number to get them up and moving.

Then it's straight into our literacy session with spelling practise first off the mark. That usually takes us anywhere between 20 - 40 minutes depending on how detailed the news is :-).

That then leads into a phonics and reading/writing activity. I have a few parents and volunteers who come in to hear the students read and have yet to get my guided reading off the ground , but I'm working towards it.

Good luck and remember, each class and each group of students will be different.

Sandra (17-01-2012)

We do pretty much the same. The children enter, hang up their stuff, returned items go in colour coded baskets and then they go to carpet area.

Here they can read and talk about books with their friends for 10 mins. or so until I am ready to start circle time. I am in Kindergarten so we then have attendance, question of the day, weather
number muncher, days of the week and morning message. On a good day, this takes about 20 mins. total time. After this is music, or yoga or whatever is next for our day.


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