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My Number is Maths Activity (16-05-2014 )
I have seen variations of this, but in case you haven't, this is adaptable at all levels, even to Yr 12..though we are focssed on K - 3.
Whole Class Maths Sharing and Student Reflections (16-05-2014 )
If we as teachers have a clear understanding about the way children best learn, then we would be teaching through inquiry in our classrooms.
Creating Maths Sleuths (14-03-2014 )
I have discovered that Maths sleuths are really easy to create and my kids love them.
Prep or Kindy Mathematics Thinkboard (14-03-2014 )
I use this thinkboard with my little ones.
Teaching Patterns (26-08-2013 )
I taught 2 patterns in small groups by providing children with strips of colour paper and a double paper punch.
Patterns for Multiplication (26-08-2013 )
I made paper chain templates for the children to cut out and create paper chains which they then stuck onto coloured paper.
What's the time Mr Wolf for Teaching Time (02-05-2013 )
With a year one class we played What's the Time Mr Wolf - but instead of the wolf (myself) calling out 'It's one o'clock!" I used a clock with moveable hands.
Number Thinkboard Template (04-02-2013 )
I made this more detailed template which covers all the different representations for a particular number that is chosen and put in the middle. Other similar...
Skip Counting with Blocks for 2, 5, 10 (26-01-2013 )
I use blocks for children to practise and understand counting by multiples or skip counting. Have them make stacks of blocks and write the continuing numbers...
Teaching Ideas - 'Fill in the Missing Numbers' (11-10-2012 )
Your 'Fill in the Missing Numbers' boards are ideal for a variety of games
Counting Beads Maths Activity (11-10-2012 )
I have children in my class at the special school that I work at who have trouble counting. Today I tried something new to practice counting with them.
Math Bingo Game (11-10-2012 )
You can set up a math bingo game at any time without any pre made materials. Just ask your children to fold a piece of A4 blank paper in half three times.
Preschool Counting Games (11-10-2012 )
To teach my preschoolers how to count, we hold hands and form a circle and sing Ring 'round the Rosie and then when we reach the end of the song everybody
Maths Concepts Booklist (11-10-2012 )
One of our Teachers Zone members added this wonderful Maths Booklist pdf file. It is one of the most comprehensive booklists for maths concepts I have
Louise Martin
Flashcard Practice (11-10-2012 )
Set up pockets with students names on them. Before children leave for recess, lunch and home, have the children choose a flashcard (addition, subtraction,
Counting to 10 (11-10-2012 )
Take 10 pop sticks and write the numbers 1-10 on them. Children drop the bundle of sticks as in 'pick-up-sticks'. They then race to put the numerals in
Online Math Games Site (11-10-2012 )
Hi Everyone Just found another online maths games site which is worth looking at.  You may already know it as I think it has been around for quite
Clock Face Templates (11-10-2012 )
When using clock templates do two copies of the numbers and use velcro to place the numbers on the clock so the numbers can be jumbled. It's good for fine
Kathryn Davies
Number Fun (11-10-2012 )
Each Friday we have a 45 minute block where we run 'Number Fun Friday'. This is a time where children work in small groups with an adult and participate
Math Games Using Cards (11-10-2012 )
This site has a great rundown of how to use a deck of cards for math games..... Card Games Enjoy!
excellent adding game for all the class (11-10-2012 )
My reception children love this game, and I have had success with other year levels too. The class sits in a circle on the floor. The teacher is on the
Kim O'Brien
Treasure Island Multiplication (11-10-2012 )
My colleague and I wanted to plan an exciting lesson for our Year 3 classes involving investigative skills and getting to grips with a multiplication square.
Danielle Murphy
Build Em Up counting game (11-10-2012 )
I have a favourite maths game that I have used with many different classes including groups of students with moderate special needs. You will need a
Jasmine Hoansen
Make Your Own Pack of Cards (11-10-2012 )
This lesson would suit late Kindergarten (4-5 years), Pre-primary (5-6 years) and early year 1 (6-7 years) obviously the teacher will know her/his class
Diane L. Glaspie Cline, BA, MS Elementary and Kindergarten
Counting the Stars (11-10-2012 )
I am a teacher presently teaching Title 1 Reading and Math grades 1-5. My students that are struggling to count have just bumped up a notch and I am excited
Chris Petry
Kindergarten Maths Game - Lesson Starter (11-10-2012 )
Just a fun way to begin a numbers lesson with your class. I teach kindergarten and they like a challenge. Have children turn their chairs around to face
Number - Numeral Match PREP (11-10-2012 )
Using the math spinners from this website, I copied 6 with the dots and another 6 with the numerals 1-6. I copied each numeral spinner onto a different
Jigsaw Puzzles for Maths (11-10-2012 )
We all know that jigsaw puzzles are wonderful for introducing early spacial learning, fine motor skills and more. For some reason, about grade 1 or 2
Calendar Maths (11-10-2012 )
Over the year we do calendar art pictures depicting seasons, celebrations and themes etc on A4 paper. This is stuck onto the top of an A3 page. Below
Terry Rimmer
Regrouping Rap (11-10-2012 )
My students with special needs often have difficulty remembering when to regroup. I created a chant and a poster for my classroom. When the top number
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