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Ipods in the Classroom

Submitted by Donna (11-10-2012)


Do you use ipods in the classroom?

I know of many teachers who are ordering class sets of the ipod touch for group work (literacy and maths practice) as part of there classroom budgets...

This is a growing area which has loads of potential particularly with so many educational applications (apps, books and podcasts now available for the ipod touch.

Not to mention the ipod's use for listening centres and general organisation of classroom music, stories and songs.

Here are a few of my favourite ipod touch educational applications, for K-3...

Please share your favourite apps, books and podcasts and more ideas for classroom use in the comments section - we would love to hear more about ipod use in K-3...

Educational Apps I have found so far......You do need to download itunes to be able to view these apps - just place the title in the itunes search function and they should come up....

Please share your ipod educational uses and ideas in the comments section below...

Educational Ipod Applications.....

Crazy Machines
Monster ABC
Words for Kids
Wordsearch Kids
Wheels on the Bus
Old MacDonald
Word Magic
Math Magic
Awesome Addition
Suduko for Kids
Kids's Poems
Busy Bee

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Josie Charles (09-10-2012)

There are lots of great ways to use ipods in the classroom - especially in the K-3 classroom. You can download talking books for the kids to listen to and read along with, if you have an ipod touch you can record voice so the kids can record themselves reading and listen back to it. They can also record spelling words and listen to them to help them remember. These really only touch the surface the possibilities are endless!!

Bec (09-10-2012)

I teach grade one and although I don't use the apple ipods as such (rather costly), I use an mp3 player to record the children's individual spelling lists. The children find their track number and attempt their spelling tests individually. I also have a "rockstar" which allows 5 heads phones to access the one mp3 player, which is great when I am doing spelling screening.

For my low readers who need more print awareness and are still at the "read to" stage I record the selected guided reading text for the week so that I can work with transiting readers.

Donna (11-05-2012)

Another interesting link on how ipod touch is being used in literacy education...


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