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178 Printable Compound Words Cards

Vocabulary Word Cards -  178 Compound Words

  • Cards includes first word part coloured....
  • Ideal to zigzag puzzle cut and children match the two pieces. Play 'concentration' with the puzzle pieces - plus more
  • Use the puzzle pieces above to make up 'silly compound words' - for example - jellyglasses, bedbox, earberg, ladysaver. Children draw funny pictures to match..

PLEASE NOTE:  There are 178 Words - which equals 46 pages - we make our words this big for those who want them this big (great for display) BUT DON'T FORGET YOU CAN EASILY CHANGE YOUR PRINTER SETTINGS TO PRINT more than one page per sheet if you would like to print them smaller.


Theme Words

178 Compound Words List

bulldozer butterfly airport armchair background
bathroom bedtime brainstorm breakfast cupboard
cupcake daylight dishwasher downstairs wildlife
without workbook yourself goldfish watermelon
weekend wheelbarrow wheelchair underwear understand
upgrade upset upstairs underground teammate
teapot teaspoon toenail toothpaste toothpick
standby starfish strawberry suitcase sunburn
Sunday sunflower sunlight sunshine supermarket
tablecloth tablespoon snowball somebody someday
somehow something sometime somewhere spaceman
spaceship spotlight scrapbook screwdriver seafood
seashell seaside seaweed shipwreck shopkeeper
surfboard railway rainbow raincoat rattlesnake
roundabout sailboat sandpaper saucepan scarecrow
peppermint nothing piggyback pineapple playground
policeman popcorn pancake paperwork password
overhead overlap overnight overseas outcome
outdoor outline outside neighbourhood newsletter
newspaper nobody notebook nowhere otherwise
ourselves lookout mailbox masterpiece maybe
meantime motorcycle kneecap ladybug leapfrog
leftovers lifesaver lighthouse lipstick horseshoe
however iceberg income indoors inside
itself jellyfish jigsaw keyboard heartbeat
hedgehog herself highway homework hopscotch
hairbrush haircut hairdresser website hallway
handbag handwriting hardware freeway gingerbread
goalkeeper grandfather grandmother grapefruit grasshopper
football footpath forecast fortnight fourteen
earphone earring earthquake eyeball eyelash
fingernail fireman fishbowl timetable shoelace
driveway skateboard afternoon without everything
sometimes forget cannot today bookcase
bookmark whiteboard bedroom railway jellybean
toolbox postcard sunglasses


Ideas for Use

178 Compound Words - Ideas for Use


  • Print out cards (print smaller if you like) use one set for classification games such as classify by 'double letters' etc - loads of ideas from '101 Word Card Activities'. Cut the other set down the middle using either a straight cut or zigzag puzzle cut - children match the 2 pieces.

  • Use the puzzle pieces above to make up 'silly compound words' - for example - jellyglasses, bedbox, earberg, ladysaver. Children draw funny pictures to match..

  • Use the words for examples of phonics - Match with Phonics Charts

  • We have made these up as A4 size so that you can then have the choice of printing them as is or reducing them easily to A5 or smaller using your printer settings.

  • You can make this rhyming activity more difficult by also cutting down the middle so that the children need to match the word and picture as well as the rhyming patterns.

  • As a class, in groups or individually - brainstorm and add new compound words (great homework activity). Go for a 'word walk' and find more in environmental print and books.

  • Using the cut up pieces above - play 'concentration' - turn them all over - children take turns turning over 2 pieces - try to find the matching pairs.

  • Make smaller black and white copies easily by printing 3 or more to a page - ideal for children to cut up and paste the matching pairs.

  • Pop them into your labelled pockets, or small washing powder boxes - and add to your ever growing class word cards collection - ready for grab and go games word card activities...



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