Concept Books

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Concept Books - Colour / Color


Concept Books - Colour / Color

  • Both types of spelling is available

  • Format is... What is yellow?  A ______ is yellow.

  • Children write and illustrate.

  • Includes black and white copies.

Ideas for Use

Colour / Color Concept Book - Suggestions for Use

What are Concept Books and How do You Use Them?

Please share your ideas and add your Suggestions for Use for - Color / Colour Concept Book - to comments section below.... Enjoy!


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New Ideas

  • Introducing Big And Small

    Submitted by Anuradha

    I used this bulletin board idea to teach the children the concept of Big And Small

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  • Extending writing

    Submitted by Valma

    I have produced a Word Families Wall display with laminated and velcro backed cards.

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  • Book Week 2014 ideas

    Submitted by Hannah

    Does anyone have any Book Week ideas related to this year's theme 'Connect to Reading' and suitable for Reception?

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New Comments

  • All up now Merceditas

    By Donna

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  • Hi These are wonderful and will really support my new arrival and literacy students. Looking forward to the next round! Jenny

    By Jenny

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  • Is it possible to arrange for a black and white version? The coloured version is fantastic but chews up too much of my colour printing. Thanks Jemma

    By Jemma

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