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Colour Coded School Workbooks (03-11-2014 )
In my room the different workbooks have different coloured tape on the spine.
Managing Small Scale Behaviour in the Classroom (10-02-2013 )
I have taught Reception and year 1 for many years. The many low level behaviour and "dobbing" that happens at this age can send you batty!
Class Name Cards (06-12-2012 )
No more disputes over whose turn it is.....
A Day in Grade One (06-12-2012 )
My sister is doing her final teaching 'prac' in Grade One very soon and she asked me if I could do a (very basic) run-down of what I would do in Grade One if I...
Jayne Rhodes
Build a "Burger" Behavior System (12-10-2012 )
My Kindergarten class this year is using a Burger Behavior System. Burger stands for Building Up students who Really Grasp Every Rule. We follow the
Christine (VIC)
Bank Reward system (12-10-2012 )
I remembered having this discipline strategy when I was in primary school and decided to give it a go with my year 3 students. The idea is that children
Lindsay Jacobson
Kindergarten Class Rules (12-10-2012 )
On the first day of kindergarten, I talk with the children about rules. I ask them to think of good rules. We write down all of the rules they come
'Star Jar' Behaviour System (12-10-2012 )
Students earn tickets into the Star Jar throughout the day for positive behaviour. That afternoon or the following morning one ticket is drawn out of
Back to School Idea (12-10-2012 )
Before the school year starts I ask the school office for the names and addresses of the students in my class. I then send each student a welcome postcard,
Secret Classroom Award Givers (12-10-2012 )
Every so often I choose a couple of secret award spies for our class. Their job is to watch the children during the day and select one person each to
Learning names (12-10-2012 )
I have found that my year 1 and 2 children often don't know how to spell their last name. To help them learn their full name, I always make at least
Kathy Ehinger
Classroom Rules - Coin sheet discipline (12-10-2012 )
I have 4 rules in my classroom. 1. Cooperate 2. Respect People 3. Return Work 4. Respect Property At the beginning of the school year, the students
Classroom Time Management - Pencil Organisation (12-10-2012 )
At the beginning of each year I always buy 5 extra sets of coloured pencils. Each child has their own pencil pot set up with coloured pencils, lead
4 Step Classroom Discipline / Behaviour Management (11-10-2012 )
Here is one teacher's classroom discipline / behaviour management technique. Each child has a wooden peg with their name on it. Each peg is placed around
Classroom Time Management - Take Home Readers Stor (11-10-2012 )
To save time and money on storage supplies for your take home reading program in the room; use a 3 litre milk bottle. How? Cut the top diagonally away
Diane Freeman
Diane Kindergarten Teacher year 2 (11-10-2012 )
I use plastic containers from the deli department at Walmart as my pencil/crayon holders. I punch a hole the the top of the lid and poke the pencil in
I can Problem Solve (11-10-2012 )
This is simple and effective. The idea is to get the students to do their OWN thinking so the teacher won't do the thinking FOR THEM. This is from the
Ladder of Success (11-10-2012 )
I painted a large ladder to put on the front of the cupboard door (can go anywhere). I made a name card for each child and they all started on the middle
Traffic Lights Noise Level Indicator (11-10-2012 )
I made a large set of traffic lights, on the green light I wrote 'Busy', on the amber light I wrote 'Whisper' and on the red light I wrote 'Silent'. These
Classroom Discipline Plans - All Cashed Up (11-10-2012 )
I am currently completing my prac in a year three classroom. Part of my assessment is to implement a numeracy unit. As with most students they needed more
Kristel Rollings
Classroom Organisation Chinese Take-away Container (11-10-2012 )
I use them to store anything and everything! If they get broken they are easily replaceable and inexpensive (or free!). In addition, they stack on top
Work for Communication Journal (11-10-2012 )
When I needed to compile student work for end of term to send home I would use an expanding file. Mark each section with a students name compile a list
Classroom Storage Gerber for all (11-10-2012 )
Need small resealable containers for little objects? Tap your new mothers who are feeding their 3-6 month olds baby food from those small plastic rectangular
Kindergarten - First Grade Daily Schedule Sample (11-10-2012 )
The key to a successful day is planning, planning, planning and practice, practice, practice!!!
Kelly Hardy
A typical Early Years Day in Grade 1 (11-10-2012 )
Arrive at school at 8.00am - Set classroom up for literacy block, have breakfast, catch up on some gossip in the staffroom. 8.45 - Bell goes children
Annie (Queensland Australia)
Typical Day in our Classroom - Annie (11-10-2012 )
Our typical day looks something like this: 8:15 - 8:30 Let children in early if they need to change for PE / if you need any little helpers or if it's
chris (Brisbane)
Classroom Storage - Hanging Bags (11-10-2012 )
I use this idea all the time and find it to be tidy, organised and great.
Angela Beavers
Teacher, Grade 2 (11-10-2012 )
Cut a 3x5 card in half. Have student draw their faces on the card and laminate. Place a square of magnetic tape on the back of each card. You can then
Pigeon Holes Classroom Organisation Idea (11-10-2012 )
Just a simple organisation idea... We create the children's own pigeon holes using either joined square milk cartons or decorated paper plates hung on
Karen (Sth Aust)
Shoe Storage Pigeonhole (11-10-2012 )
I borrowed this idea from a colleague quite a few years ago and find it works well - use the hanging shoe storage unit which can be hooked over a door
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    In my room the different workbooks have different coloured tape on the spine.

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  • Thanks for this game im presently researching the web for lots of ideas for next term as we are doing under the sea, and lighthouses. My husband is a light house keeper/guide at the tallest lighthouse in Australia (Leeuwin Lighthouse in Augusta SW WA) and ive been dying to do this theme in Preprimary for 2 years now so come on the littlest Lighthouse keeper series its going to be so much fun!!

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