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Christmas Poem

 A Visit from Santa...

  • Printable poem - chart and sentence building literacy poem
  • A Lovely Short Christmas Poem full of phonemic awareness and relating a Caring Christmas Message...


Ideas for Use

Christmas Poem for Children - Suggestions for Use

Rudolph the red nosed reindeer 5


  • White out some of the words from the A4 copy to make up a cloze worksheet.

  • List all the different 'names' for 'Santa' from around the world.

  • List other words which rhyme with the rhyming words in this poem.

  • A really interesting activity to do with poems, is to change the words, for example, 'I was tucked in bed, pretending to sleep' could become - 'Vanessa was lying in bed, pretending to read'

  • This poem has a lovely message towards the end - emphasizing the gift of 'giving' - what ways could children 'give' to others at Christmas (not just gifts!)

  • Pop the large print copy onto coloured backing card, laminate and use as a class reading reference - again, circle sounds, letter patterns etc using whiteboard markers - we would learn a new poem/song/rhyme every 1-2 weeks.

  • Print out large print, sentence blocks and word blocks pages, and laminate.  Cut up the sentence and word blocks. Children put them back together correctly - great group time / literacy task activity.  Pop in a plastic zip-lock bag and place in Songs/Poems/Rhymes Box with other songs, poems and rhymes to rebuild.

  • Find phonic groupings within these Christmas carol lyrics to match with A5 Phonics Printable Cards

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