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blank multiplication chart

Blank Multiplication Chart

Free Blank Multiplication Chart


  • Children fill in the blank chart, then colour all the number patterns.

  • Use along with our multiplication games and activities flashcards.




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Download Free Chart

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Ideas for Use

Blank Multiplication Chart - Suggestions for Use

  • Children fill in the blank chart, then colour all the number patterns - for example, colour the even numbers green, odd numbers red, multiples of 10 purple.

  • Use along with our multiplication games and activities flashcards.

  • Use this chart as a blackline master template.  Fill in some of the answers then print as worksheets- children fill in the rest.

  • Partner work - Each partner fills in some of the chart, partners swap charts and complete each others chart.  They then check each others work and can give praise, rewards, ticks etc.


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  • I think this is a beautiful resource and such a lovely idea for the kids to receive from their class mates. Maybe the kids could autograph the back of it before giving it to the birthday child. : ) Thank you for sharing such a beautiful idea. Cheryl E

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