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Bee Bots

Submitted by Admin (11-10-2012)

One thing we have just added to our Prep/One room which the children are just LOVING is Bee Bot play.

They are little programmable robots that remember 40 instructions. We have used them to play/ recognise each others names, the alphabet, counting, giving good instructions ( barrier games) making paths and measuring. The educational outcomes are as limitless as your imagination.

We are about to give our bee bots a makeover to go with our next dinosaur unit. We will plan, design, draw and then carry out our makeover so our Bee Bot becomes a dinosaur..

Lots of fun


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Lizette (01-01-2012)

There is some great stuff on itunes and it is free!!!! Just called Bee-Bot. It replicates the controls of the Bee-Bot. Could use on an ipad, ipods. I think there are 36 different mats to work through and the kids get stars for doing it in the least amount of moves.

Great for following instructions listening etc

Kids you replicate the app game with cardboard and counters and instruction cards?

Anonymous (01-01-2012)

at school we need to design a new game for bee-bot, the game is for primary schools. Any ideas? many thanks!

Anonymous (01-01-2012)

Check out this site for mats ready to be printed and used. Click on BeeBots on the left had side directory

Gaye McKee (01-01-2012)

Hi guys i went to a bee bot workshop at the sunshine coast uni a month ago and we got fantastic resources and ideas to share with our Prep Team. If you go to the website www.earlyphaseicts.com it has many new and exciting ideas for you to use in your classroom.

Anonymous (01-01-2012)

I love Beebots!!!!!

Brian (01-01-2012)

This link has just come through on a discussion list I'm on. It includes ready made 15 x 15 cards ready to download and print. Check it out.


Anonymous (01-01-2012)

Hi there.

I have just watched our preppies working with Busby their Bee Bot and it's GREAT!!! As far as batteries, they chew through them like the Wii.... We use the lithium type batteries that are marketed for digital cameras.... Energizer I think they are, they are silver and really do just keep on going and going!! :P

Abby (01-01-2012)

We got the kids to bring 3 batteries each. We found the parents bought packs of 4 and 8 rather than just the 3. It is not ideal but has kept the batteries in stock.

Brian (01-01-2012)

I have just been to some PD today and we received a free Bee Bot for our classroom. The person running the day set out a number of activities for us. Many were using a grid of 15cm squares. You can get a grid of these printed at places like Officeworks for about $4.50 a sheet. She had also got clear vinyl table cover (from Lincraft, Spotlight or similar) and drawn grids on.

You can check out Education Qld's Learning Innovation Centre's page for more ideas and some free resources


Have Fun

Abby (01-01-2012)

Does anyone know about any free resources for BeeBots? I have found a few at www.kented,org.uk/ngfl.games but have found the bought resources to be very expensive.

Dave (01-01-2012)

Hi Lizzette,
My company (www.focuseducational.com) has published 3 software programs featuring activities for Bee-Bot.

You can see the full capabilities of Bee-Bot by having a look at this Word doc: http://www.focusdownload.com/How_to_Make_the_Most_of_Bee-Bot.doc

(copy and paste the link into your browser).

Yvonne (01-01-2012)

Can you tell me where Bee Bots can be bought? They look like a fabulous resource! Thanks, Yvonne.

karen (01-01-2012)

Any ideas on the best way to keep bee bots in batteries? We have bought some and need to figure out whether to go with rechargeables - or in short, how to make sure any time a teacher goes to use one, they're not flat! Thanks


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