Theme Vocab. Words


150 Around The House Words

Classroom Themes - 150 Around the House Words...

  • Ideal for literacy word games and classification activities, as well as classroom bulletin boards and display.....
Theme Words

Around the House Theme Words List

Garden Bedrooms Kitchen Outside Inside
Bathroom Ensuite Dining Room Family Room Rumpus
Office Study Playroom Garage Entry
Hallway Stairs Laundry Toilet Shed
Attic Deck Veranda windows curtains
lawn letterbox doorbell mat driveway
pool barbecue roof fence bin
door clothes-line gate mower tools
bed doona books posters rug
drawers bunk fan wardrobe clock
bath basin mirror toothbrush toothpaste
soap towel hairbrush tissues shower
shampoo couch beanbag armchair remote
television dvd player cushions coffee table vase
stereo lamp shelves air conditioner heater
ceiling fans fireplace light sink microwave
dishwasher toaster tap mixer fridge
oven stove table stool benchtop
kettle chairs cupboards pantry cups
plates tupperware cutlery saucepans bowls
utensils tea towel jug dish drainer scourer
gloves desk pencils stapler envelope
paper sticky tape calculator eraser computer
telephone scissors pens washing machine vacuum
dryer iron tool kit spanner tape
drill nails screws pliers saw
screwdriver hammer ladder wheelburrow ironing board
power points coat hangers bucket fire alarm dresser
sofa lounge suite broom dust pan pot plant
carpet filing cabinet water tank hose blinds
Ideas for Use

150 Around the House Words - Suggestions for Use



  • Use the main areas labels with capital letters (such as 'Garden' 'Bedrooms) as headings for sorting words into appropriate areas around the house.. (eg. fridge and microwave belongs under 'Kitchen' etc)

  • Make mini copies of these words for children to take home and label the objects around their house - ask them to be 'word detectives' and play with the words first - circling, colouring phonics etc

  • Children draw a simple map of their home - use the words as a guide to labelling areas on their maps.

  • Brainstorm more around the house words to add to the list.

  • Works well with our Around the House Concept Book

  • Again, there are lots of phonics opportunities for loads of word play

  • You can make these words smaller size by using the reduction settings on your printer and just printing off black and white copies, these smaller sizes are great for cut and paste activities.

  • When not being used on a wall display, place them in labelled boxes, or hanging pockets for continued use and reference.

  • All the activities from '101 Fun Flashcard Activities' are fantastic with these Words ...... (DON'T FORGET TO UTILIZE THIS TERRIFIC RESOURCE EVERYDAY)

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