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Submitted by Donna (07-11-2012)

Just put together some links for Anzac Day.

There are some great pictures, and ideas out there and I have tried to locate as many as I could.

My ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE one for K-3 is the online book - A-Z of Anzac - perfect way to gently talk and present pictures about an important subject which can be difficult for littlies to understand...

A class A-Z Anzac Book could then be written and illustrated by your children....

Here is the link to the book and many other links also - hope they help - Let Us Never Forget.....

A-Z Anzac Book...





*http://www.awm.gov.au/education/activities/makeyourpoppy.pdf - Make Your Own Poppy






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  • May I? We are teaching the children at our school the difference between 'may I?' and 'can I?' These resources are such a brilliant idea! Keep up the fantastic work!


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  • Oh thanks Bec! was just about to try creating something like this, you have just saved me some time :)

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  • Hi I am teaching K/1 in NSW and have taught K/1/2 in the past. I find it important to separate the groups and grades so that I can concentrate on each level. For guided reading I have 4 separate groups and those that can work independently for a short time while I am with a group can read and do their work, otherwise the others work on spelling or reading on the computers/IWB. I use this method for spelling activities and mathematics but teach the whole class together for shared reading, text types, HSIE etc with differentiated work as part of the activity. The students love working in pairs or groups so this is useful. Generally literacy activities take place in the morning, numeracy in the middle session and other activities in the afternoon. It is a balance between giving enough time and not going too long (or losing engagement) so various breaks are needed. Hope this this helpful. regards, Karen

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