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Thank You

First of all, a huge THANK YOU to all those dedicated Teachers, Parents and Caregivers out there who are putting their very best into our Children's future.

As a retired Teacher, the Teacher Resources on this site are a result of my continued passion for Teaching, Parenting and fostering our Children's Potential.

My aim is to encourage and support both Teachers and Parents by producing quality resources. I would love most of all for our dear little cherubs to benefit the most from these resources.


Dear Donna, I stumbled upon your site doing a Google search for community helpers earlier this year and have since gone through reams of paper, ink cartridges and laminating pouches but I am certain my classroom has never received so many compliments.

My favourite resources are the concept words. The classroom word wall has become an even more important place for my students to refer to but only after we have done several sorting tasks first then at the completion of the unit we sticky tape them into our giant word book. During this school holiday I am going to sew a set of fabric pockets to store my newly printed maths words and some of the sets that the children use more frequently.

I began teaching 18 years ago and have spent years handmaking resources, I love the simplicity of your site. I cannot thank you enough and I know my husband enjoys having a dining room table not covered in felt pens, pencils, card and paper, scissors and glue! So do I!


Printable Position Words Book

26th March 2014

Position words printable concept book - children use position words to find the little mouse.

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Free Quotes for Children

21st March 2014

Every now and then we will be uploading a free quote for you to use with your kiddies. These are a great way to spark conversation about feelings and ideas.

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From the community

New Ideas

  • Maths Sleuth

    Submitted by Roslyn

    I have discovered that Maths sleuths are really easy to create and my kids love them.

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  • Prep or Kindy Mathematics Thinkboard

    Submitted by Marina

    I use this thinkboard with my little ones.

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  • Computer Programming / Coding Question

    Submitted by Donna for Craig

    There seems to be lots of online programs to teach maths (Stepping Stones, Mathletics, Maths Plus, Go Maths, iMaths, Emms & Jemms, IXL etc), but does anyone know an accredited online platform that teaches computer programming/coding for K-12 kids?

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New Comments

  • For handwriting resources suitable for 4 and 5 year olds look under the alphabet printable tab. There are heaps of wonderful resources here.

    By Tracey

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  • Wow, these resources are just amazing!! Thank you so much for all the time and effort you have put in creating such wonderful resources we can all share and enjoy. I just love the matching alphabet pictures, so bright and colourful. Can't wait to use them!

    By Kathy

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  • I have thoroughly enjoyed introducing the quotes to my class

    By Dixie

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