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Thank You

First of all, a huge THANK YOU to all those dedicated Teachers, Parents and Caregivers out there who are putting their very best into our Children's future.

As a retired Teacher, the Teacher Resources on this site are a result of my continued passion for Teaching, Parenting and fostering our Children's Potential.

My aim is to encourage and support both Teachers and Parents by producing quality resources. I would love most of all for our dear little cherubs to benefit the most from these resources.


Thank you for all the FREE resources available on your website.  I have a 6 year old going into 1st grade this year and I plan on using some of your sight word, math and phonics "games" to keep her skills up this summer.  All the other sites on the net that have good resources cost a fortune.  It is nice to be able to get this information somewhere for little to no cost.


15 Tips for Keeping Little Brains Ticking over the Holidays

10th December 2014

So here are 15 tips to help get you through the holidays and keep little minds active from now until the end of January

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Printable Tangram Puzzles

6th December 2014

Printable Tangram Puzzles. Includes tangram base pattern, 14 different tangram patterns, solutions and activities

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From the community

New Ideas

  • Workbook Organisation

    Submitted by Michelle

    In my room the different workbooks have different coloured tape on the spine.

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  • Assembly Ideas Question

    Submitted by Jennifer

    Does anyone have any good assembly ideas for 5 year old children?

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  • Combined Kindy/Pre-Primary Class

    Submitted by Tammy

    Hi EveryonernNext year I will be teaching a mixed Kindergarten and Pre-Primary class.rnI would love to hear from other ECE teachers who have a mixed class and what your daily schedule looks like. Thank you.

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New Comments

  • I improvise the Ants on apples song, using the childrens' names. For example-Locky is laughing, l, l, l or Nick is nodding. n, n, n. The kids love it and always try to help come up with words and actions that match the beginning letter of their names.

    By Merrilyn

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  • These are great. I will use some on my book covers. In SA we call Prep - Reception in most schools... So it would be good to have ones with this on them. Thank you!

    By Merry

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  • How cool! Love the look of this app, I will be downloading it first thing in the morning for my yr2 class. Thanks for sharing, I love the various examples of use provided!

    By Sarah

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